Dynamics AX

An ERP platform for efficient,
agile and innovative businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP software, Dynamics AX, gives organisations the ability to better manage and simplify day-to-day operations and respond to changes in an agile way. With short implementation times, whether in the cloud or on-premise, Dynamics AX gives businesses the tools to thrive in their marketplace, with these benefits:

Helps to increase managed assets and to reduce administrative overheads

Meets the needs of the capital markets industry

Use streamlined tools and real-time customer information

Workflow automation helps you simplify key tasks and boost operational efficiencies

Helps you transform your organisation from being policy-centric to customer-centric

The ability to meet business requirements with purpose-built solutions tailored to a range of different and unique industries

Unified natural models that represent your business structure, policies and processes will facilitate responding quickly to new opportunities

An interface that looks and operates like the well-known Microsoft Office makes it easy for new users to access data

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7 Sound Reasons to Count on AlfaPeople for Your Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

By now, you probably have a good sense of the advantages Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers for digital transformation of your business. Your challenge is implementing those advantages as quickly as practical and achieving peak performance as efficiently as possible.
That is where the value of AlfaPeople insights and hands-on Dynamics 365 implementation experience create opportunities specific to your industry and organizational needs.

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 expertise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 eases the anxiety of switching to a new enterprise system. It uses the familiar look and intuitive feel of other Microsoft products and seamlessly shares data with Excel spreadsheets you might already be using to analyze the finer points of business operations.

In-depth AlfaPeople experience complements that familiarity with industry-specific insights gained from more than a decade of experience working with organizations like yours. You’ll recognize the value of that experience from your very first conversation with an AlfaPeople Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert.

2. Microsoft endorsement

As a Microsoft Gold certified cloud solution provider, AlfaPeople provides more than a decade of expertise with Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, and now Microsoft Dynamics 365. The accrued knowledge and connections with Microsoft technology specialists pay dividends for you.

3. Valuable market insight

As friendly as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is for savvy businesspeople to adapt to specific needs, the speed at which you benefit can be accelerated with help from someone already familiar with its use in your unique markets and applications.

Discover AlfaPeople insights into Dynamics 365 implementation in vertical market applications such as retail/fashion, professional services, or the public sector, and with specific disciplines.

4. Enhanced functionality

Just as Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers value beyond its core functionality for ERP and CRM, so too does AlfaPeople implementation assistance. We help you capitalize on Power BI (Business Intelligence) for added insight, a library of task-specific application programs available through the Microsoft AppSource, and enhanced functionality in key sales, customer service, field service, and finance/operations.

5. Reliable support

We understand your skepticism about claims made by other cloud software solutions. That is why we offer specific proof of performance demonstrated in so many client success stories on our website.

6. Award-winning service

As nice as they are, our industry awards and recognitions collected over the past decade are not the reason to choose AlfaPeople for help in navigating your transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Instead, base your judgment on the specific ways AlfaPeople representatives demonstrate how to leverage the business experience and insights that earned those awards.

7. Multinational exposure

The global marketplace is getting more interconnected every day. Whether your organization is selling abroad, or sourcing from suppliers around the world, the benefits of global AlfaPeople experience are available from associates in more than a dozen international offices. That means guidance from people with hands-on experience in the local economy and local language to help address your needs.

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Dynamics AX for Retail

Dynamics AX for RetailCreating true omni-channel experiences involves more than simply offering several sales channels to customers. Dynamics AX incorporates bespoke retail functionality to support vital functions including Finance, Procurement, Merchandising, Supply Chain and Distribution. Set-up and configuration elements like range, price and offers, through to front-end sales via POS or online, are catered for in a comprehensive solution which negates the need to integrate any third-party technologies. The benefits include:

  • The ability to operate integrated e-commerce platforms.
  • Detailed sales tracking and reporting by product, category, region, store, channel or any other metric relevant to the business.
  • Reduced time to market for new online channels or stores.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of mobile POS for tablets and smartphones to create additional “tills” for line busting and pop-up stores.
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Dynamics AX for Public Sector

Dynamics AX for Public SectorDynamics AX includes a range of flexible features designed specifically for public sector organisations, which help them to improve budget management and overall accountability, transparency and performance in a more operationally-efficient and agile way. The three core benefits include:

  • Access to real-time information, tasks and business processes that can be tailored to roles right across the organization, including lists of unified work queues, visualized tasks, business processes and reports, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other information, customized to each user;
  • Simplified data access with other familiar Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, and SharePoint; and
  • Improved productivity and management information based on a user experience that again can be tailored to roles and consistent in all enterprise portals and each client’s Windows interfaces.

For transparency and budgetary control, role-based security can be implemented with online capabilities through the native feature, Financial Dimensions, which helps teams to build budget and control simulations with different levels, variables and hierarchies. Accounting forecasts and actual expenditure can be produced to give stakeholders visibility of financial commitments, and advanced reports can be generated in line with the specific accounting requirements that public bodies are bound by.

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Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

Dynamics AX for ManufacturingThe tasks of managing manufacturing processes, lean manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and manufacturing product configurators is made easier when using Dynamics AX across the organisation. Built using applied knowledge of each business’s supply chain and manufacturing lifecycle, the solution provides a robust framework to assist with production planning from the data sheet of each product. Companies in the manufacturing sector can benefit from:

  • Management of automatic cost production orders generated from product data sheets (BOM (Bill Of Materials) and Roadmap) to better forecast the cost of each product
  • Improved quality control during each stage of the production process, right from the point when raw materials arrive on-site; and
  • Advanced inventory management for both the full range of raw materials and finished products, as well as optimised inventory using either the FIFO (First In First Out) and FEFO (First Expired First Out) management methods.
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Dynamics AX for Service

Dynamics AX for ServiceThe success of many businesses is based on effective project management, resource management and communications, enabled by comprehensive, adaptable business applications. These applications, when configured to the individual business, can reduce overall costs and increase client and customer satisfaction. The benefits of Dynamics AX for service providers in this industry are:

  • The ability to offer an improved range of truly client-centric services, which can be further upgraded and adapted based on the increasingly high standards that customers demand; and
  • Real-time management information covering every aspect relating to their clients combined with the right features to enable them to deliver results that exceed client expectations.
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