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Microsoft D365 and Power Platform Quick and Affordable Implementation

AlfaPeople Start&Go
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Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform implementation can be a 500 meter sprint instead of a Marathon! With the AlfaPeople Start&Go solution, you can easily gain quick wins for your business by having your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales or Customer Services and Power Platform up and running in only 5 weeks!

Our methodology increases user adoption through a low-cost, fast and standardized implementation.

Learn why the AlfaPeople Start&Go 
has a high-impact approach:


Implementation done in a few weeks; Modern and intuitive tools facilitate the adoption.


Defined and known scope; Experienced Experts; Several customers and projects since 2010; World class platform (D365).


Out-Of-The-Box solution (ready to be used); Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform native capabilities; Microsoft R&D.


Centralizes customer relationship history; Structured customer processes; Dashboards for management; Real-time KPIs; Mobile Ready.

Seamlessly Materialize Your Digital Transformation
with AlfaPeople Start&Go!

AlfaPeople Start&Go is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Power Platform. See more details below and reach out to one of our experts for a free demo!


Start&Go Sales

Increase operational efficiency, ensuring better conversion rates,
as well as simple and responsive management of your sales force

Ideal solution for companies that have the following challenges:

  • Sales team spending too much time on operational tasks, and less time engaging with clients
  • Lack of rapid managerial analysis capability that allows reorientation of team efforts
  • Necessity to organize and standardize the sales processes

Main outcomes:

  • More efficient sales processes
  • Solid solution replacing spreadsheets and manual processes
  • Ability to define and automate business processes
  • Real-time, easy-to-configure analysis tools
  • Attractive TCO, leading to fast ROI
  • Extensibility for integrations with legacy systems, when necessary
  • Native integration to day-to-day productivity tools (Office, e-mail, spreadsheets, documents, etc.).
  • Mobility for efficient interactions.
  • Flexibility and simplicity in configuring interfaces

Start&Go Customer Services

Increase your agents’ productivity, processes, efficiency
and enhance your customer experience:

Ideal solution for companies that have the following challenges:

  • Many non-integrated systems
  • Manual control of the processes
  • Call routing and analyses
  • Difficulty in fulfilling SLAs and OLAs
  • Inconsistent measurement

Main outcomes:

  • More efficient customer service processes
  • Solid solution replacing spreadsheets and manual processes
  • Configure your Answering Process faster and with greater ease
  • Define the agent’s script and next steps;
  • Publish Articles in the Knowledge Base;
  • Provide e-mail templates;
  • Track your client’s history.
  • Manage any Service Stage: Follow the reason for client’s call; Control the SLAs; Ensure a multifunctional approach by defining access to responsible party

Start&Go Marketing

Orchestrate personalized journeys across all touchpoints
to strengthen relationships and earn customer loyalty

Ideal solution for companies that have the following challenges:

  • Lack of tools to effectively create and track highly targeted campaigns and events to your customer base
  • Lack of end-to-end visibility of the customer relationship
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service information are decentralized in different databases
  • Too much time spent in data management

Main outcomes:

  • More efficient marketing processes
  • Solid solution replacing spreadsheets and manual processes
  • Single unified database that leverages the power of Dynamics 365, and allows your Marketing team to spend more time working on strategy and data analysis;
  • Send marketing or transaction e-mail and SMS directly from Dynamics 365
  • Create simple landing pages and forms that automatically generate leads in your Dynamics database. Track website visits
  • Event management: Plan, manage and measure online and offline events. Track live attendance and create campaigns that target specific sessions.
  • Gain end-to-end visibility by connecting data from external markets, social and legacy sources

Start&Go Power Platform

Rapidly build low-code apps that modernize processes
and solve tough challenges!

Ideal solution for companies that have the following challenges:

  • Many fragmented processes based on manual tasks and spreadsheets
  • Need for digital transformation in many relevant processes
  • Long backlog list due to lack of resources and time

Main outcomes:

  • Training Sessions
  • Speed up the training of your professionals on the Power Platform!
  • Digital Transformation Workshop
  • Define proposals for Power Platform-based solutions to address your business challenges and definition of priorities.
  • Quick Win
  • Implement one high-priority Minimal Viable Product (MVP) identified in the Digital Transformation Workshop.

Curious about how much you have to invest?

Throughout the 5-week implementation process, you will have one of our consultants working part-time for you!
Reach out to us now to get more details on pricing!

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