Power Virtual Agents for Dynamics 365

Create smart and sophisticated chat bots to solve everyday problems.


Implement real-time communication with Artificial Intelligence

Power Virtual Agents is the cloud-based, intelligent and adaptive chat bot created by Microsoft. With Power Virtual Agents, you can solve everyday problems raised by your customers through fluid conversations and clear and precise responses, and then free your staff from routine and centralize them on more complex problems.

Do less to achieve more with your resources.
Get to know Power Virtual Agents and connect with your users in real time!

Discover the benefits of intelligent chat bots with Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents create a powerful custom chat bot with a graphical interface and no code. Save time and resources by using the many pre-built connectors at your disposal. Power Virtual Agents is ideal for any area of work such as HR, sales, support, etc. It helps to respond to questions or daily situations of your company in a fluid and human way, allowing your team to focus on giving high value to the solutions of the cases that require it.

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Create a powerful and intelligent chat bot
and get a boost in your productivity


Reduce requests requiring assistance by 34%


Reduce the workload of your team by 15% in the first year


Increase your correct answer rate by 70%

How do Power Virtual Agents work to grow your business?

Power Virtual Agents are part of the Microsoft Power Platform.
Power Platform is a modular platform built on a common data model that is also comprised of Power BIPower Apps, and Power Automate.
Operating individually or together, Power Platform modules extract even more value of your company’s data, thanks to integration with your Dynamics 365 platform.

With Power Virtual Agents, your business can:

Make assertive decisions based on the cases received

Build your personalized chat bot. Collect and analyze information and use it to ensure consistent experiences for your users.

Reach the next level and add high value to your communication

Visualize and control the performance of your chat bot using powerful metrics and AI-powered dashboards. Make adjustments quickly and easily.

Empower your processes with intelligence and adaptability

Easily integrate services and back-end systems through the hundreds of available connectors. Your chat bot will have the ability to respond on behalf of the user based on the user’s historical information.

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