Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview

Where Microsoft business innovations come to play.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview

Seamlessly Implement Your Dynamics 365 Project with a Microsoft Gold Partner!

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll have the only portfolio of intelligent business applications that empowers everyone to deliver operational excellence and create more engaging customer experiences. Functioning in the Cloud or on-premise, Dynamics 365 is a fully optimizable suite of business tools that integrates your processes and data into one common and secure system. Apps, add-ons and support services are just the tip of the iceberg.

Discover why Microsoft Dynamics 365 mixed ERP and CRM solutions combined with AlfaPeople’s expertise as a Microsoft Gold Partner can help you seamlessly accelerate your digital transformation!

  • Customer Service

    Unrivalled digital engagement tools to revolutionize your customer service.

    Customer Service
  • Field Service

    Unleashing the full force of technology for seamless, integrated Field Service delivery.

    Field Service
  • Finance

    Leverage state-of-the-art enterprise tools for a competitive edge in global business.

  • Human Resources

    Lock down industry-leading candidates. Reap big returns on your HR investment.

    Human Resources
  • Marketing

    Drive bolder strategies and campaigns with Microsoft’s cloud-fueled marketing technology.

  • Sales

    Fueling your path to stardom as a sales leader, on the Cloud and in-store.


Did you know?

“By 2020, 85% of CIOs will be piloting AI programs through a combination of buy, build and outsource efforts.”*

Gartner, 2018 Strategic Roadmap for Postmodern ERP, January 17, 2018.

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How can Dynamics 365 help your organization?


Unlike independent ERP and CRM systems that segregate data into separate silos, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates operational, financial, and customer/prospect data together in one common and intelligent system.


No matter the size or scope of your business, digital transformation is real and now. If you’re not already engaged in change — or are dragging your feet toward it — digital transformation could also be undermining years of hard work to the advantage of more dynamic competitors in your field.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 follows a similar framework and user interface to previous Microsoft solutions, allowing users to build upon their existing experience and fast-track the learning curve for more productivity, sooner.

Marcelo Barroso

Marcelo Barroso

Sales Manager

Marcelo Barroso

Sales Manager

“The benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are countless, but we can simplify them down to one word: control. Today we have greater control of the stage the leads are at, based on their status; on pre-sales status, improving how much time is spent on each opportunity.”

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