Microsoft Dynamics 365 – 10 great benefits for your company
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Feb 10, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – 10 great benefits for your company

There has been a lot of fuzz about Microsoft Dynamics 365. Would you like to get the solution and its benefits explained in a few, simple words? I put together 10 great benefits that should explain it quite simply. But let’s first have a quick look at what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is all about.

So, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution that offers all that you need for CRM and ERP, in one place. It basically unifies these capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across:

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Field service
  • Operations
  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • Project service automation

These applications are integrated with the tools you already use, like Outlook and Excel and it brings the power of digital intelligence to every decision you make. And the great thing, is that the things you can do with Dynamics 365 is growing day by day.

Now, have a look at these 10 benefits for your company:

1. Start with what you need and add apps as your needs change

Dynamics 365 is built to be simple. Use individual apps that work both on their own or together – so you can create the solution that fits your needs. When your situation changes and new needs are needed, you find the applications that help you grow.

2. Understand your customers in a completely new way

Dynamics 365 brings together any kind of customer data so you get the complete picture of the customers. You can use pre-built KPIs to truly understand the customer journey with real-time updates. You get the ability to personalize the customer experience and to easily measure and track the health of customer relationships.

3. Flexibility

Having a monthly operational cost and a subscription model is far more flexible than having capital costs. It has the potential to be much cheaper as you only buy what you need. Also, Dynamics 365 eliminates the need to manage your own data centre and servers, which can lead to significant savings.

4. Simplicity

Dynamics 365 is based on purchase subscriptions by role. You only have to subscribe people to the work they actually do and not buy a single large license covering all roles.

5. Ease of Use

Dynamics 365 is based on Microsoft’s new app market, AppSource, where you can easily search and find the apps that you and your company need. This makes the solution easy to understand and use. When your needs change, you can easily search for an app that can help you.

6. Scalability

Dynamics 365 comes with a monthly subscription, giving you the ability to scale up and down when your needs change, for example in relation to Christmas or vacations. Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

7. Agility

Dynamics 365 will transform the way you manage customer data and daily situations. You can dissolve barriers between critical business platforms and make your data start working together. Core to this concept is the Microsoft Common Data Model that is a shared business database. It is the glue that connects all data and processes together, so you can say good bye to silos of information.

8. Productive

Dynamics 365 makes employees more productive, because they have access to both the insights they need to make the best decisions and the tools they need to do their work. By combining ERP, CRM, Office, and additional apps into one, cloud-based experience on a common data model, you have a people-centric platform that makes employees daily work easier.

9. Intelligent

Dynamics 365 gives you access to Real-Time Insights with Built-In Predictive Analytics. Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine Learning are all natively embedded, so you have access to predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps.

10. Secure

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that features robust security and access controls for apps and data that are built into the cloud services, including the physical datacentre, network connectivity, service hosting platform, and user and administrator access.

All in all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides great potential to streamline line-of-business, and allow increasing agility for companies, and reducing costs.

Would you like to know more? Contact us and we would be happy to give you a demonstration to how Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you competitive advantage.