How to Get the Best ERP Software Match
AlfaPeople |
May 02, 2016

How to Get the Best ERP Software Match

Choosing to implement ERP software into your company can be a step toward better processes and higher profits. Unfortunately, many ERP implementation efforts are undermined by the excessive waste that tends to happen during the introductory phases, leaving employees and management alike feeling as if they haven’t gained anything in the end. The key to overcoming this challenge is choosing the right ERP package to match your business model based on five major characteristics.

  1. Industry Specific Requirements – There are a wide variety of ERP packages currently on the market, all of them with similar goals, but usually offering minor differences in functionality or user interface. A great way to begin your search for the right ERP match is to start by looking for software that is already popular and well adapted to the industry you are in – do some reserch. This can narrow down your choices to a few programs that have already proven successful for other likeminded businesses, rather than forcing you to reinvent the wheel from the ground up with a general use Software.
  2. What Makes You Different – Of course, you wouldn’t be in business if you did everything exactly the same way as your competitors. Once you have figured out a few industry specialized ERP options, sit down and figure out what makes you and your company different from the others. What additional functionality will you require to stay ahead of the game?
  3. Don’t Over Indulge – According to several studies, a vast majority of ERP projects end up going over budget. The biggest reason for spending sprees is that companies often feel like they need a totally customized experience that gives them access to every piece of data ever created. It is a costly endeavor for the software developer to try and make that happen while still maintaining user friendliness and clear results. Instead of customizing every detail, focus on the things that make you different and only customize when those things don’t fit into the already established framework of the software. Additionally, look for software that enables you to customize your experience on the surface without rewriting the whole program.
  4. Envision Total Change – Much like diets that don’t stick for people who only see them as a weight loss solution, ERP will not work if the entire team has not bought into the vision. Successful ERP implementation is about creating a well-rounded solution that will improve processes and mind share across the board. If it is only being done as a way to keep up with the industry, or because IT wants to update a few things, it won’t pay off. The ERP package you choose needs to solve real problems for day-to -day operations and provide a strong means for measuring results.
  5. Experience the Program – There are plenty of brochures and presentations that showcase all the wonderful ways that different ERP programs can help you. However, those colorful demonstrations barely scratch the surface of the issue at hand. Before you make a final decision, sit down and figure out a few common scenarios that your company is struggling with. Ask the ERP software vendors to demonstrate how their programs will help you overcome those real world challenges. Don’t rely on the brochures to give you all the information you need.

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