Schrader Camargo
Clara Pina |
Sep 06, 2022

Schrader Camargo

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

“We have found dynamic and experienced team in AlfaPeople. They have achieved a smooth implementation within the parameters and budget that we set at the very beginning of the project”

Alberto M. Thomae de la Garza, Systems Manager

Business Needs

As part of the Xignux group, Schrader Camargo is an engineering leader which leverages world-class standards built over 52 years and combines it with scale: today operating throughout 15 countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Its business is in the electromechanical assembly, engineering, procurement and construction of industrial plants, mining projects, electric and hydroelectric stations and gas and oil installations. So far, more than 390 projects have been completed in Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Jamaica, Ecuador, Chile and Panama.

Known for delivering excellence in quality, safety and environmental management, these standards are critical to ensuring Schrader Camargo completes major projects and in achieving overall growth for the company.

The complexity and scale of its physical projects require exacting document control for each. Recording and documenting site arrivals and departures, digitising documents and having procedures in place for the safe storage of information are all in a day’s work. Workflow documents include site blueprints, communications with contractors, contracts, timesheets, financial summaries, permits, letters, emails and other types of information produced, all of which need to be versioned, controlled and accessible at any time.


As such a critical part of the company’s operations, Schrader Camargo procured a powerful cloud-based document solution in the form of the eDocument Dynamics CRM, in partnership with AlfaPeople. The goal was to ensure the platform was an upgrade on the existing resource, which could more simply and quickly register and control documents for hundreds of projects at a time. All documents entering version control would have the appropriate security options with authorisation and management categories applied, according to the type of information they contained. Each needed to be immediately accessible by around 50 internal users and more than 500 external users, from every one of the company’s work sites.

With an average of 5,000 documents created for each project, agility, control, accessibility, security and efficiency were the values attached to this integration, to enable Schrader Camargo to meet and exceed its operational objectives.
eDocument Dynamics CRM works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and SharePoint 2013 to centralise and automate the large-scale documentation process involved, as a result speeding up the effective management of every document and categorising them appropriately.

By making use of the eDocStation plug-in function for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – which is a powerful tool for scanning and composing documents from image and PDF source files – it was possible to further shorten the total time involved with recording huge volumes of data and document. The plug-in allows users to efficiently add documents directly into the CRM process, saving money and resources at the same time.

In summary, Alberto M. Thomae de la Garza, Systems Manager at Schrader Camargo commented: “We have found dynamic and experienced team in AlfaPeople. They have achieved a smooth implementation within the parameters and budget that we set at the very beginning of the project.”


Superior return on investment

Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM resulted in a saving of more than US$50,000, based on the previous system in place, and ensured increased productivity and profitability as well as continued excellence in operational delivery.

Optimisation of business-critical document processes

By allowing users to have greater control and flexibility of documents in real-time, the business was able to process significantly larger volumes of information with diligence, accessibility, reliability and efficiency, in order to meet operational objectives.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure

A key requirement for AlfaPeople was ensuring that complex Microsoft systems including Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Exchange were synchronised with Azure, the powerful enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Azure provides security and transparency through reliable cloud technology, meaning information is accessible, stable and able to be restored from anywhere, anytime.