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The costs of doing nothing can no longer be ignored. AlfaPeople’s CRM Business Process Review takes companies in the Sales, Marketing and Customer Services sectors down a comprehensive optimization pathway to ensure their workflows and strategies are effectively aligned with the full capabilities of Microsoft’s powerful CRM business solution technologies. The CRM Business Process Review is suitable for both existing D365 users and prospective licensees.

Gain unparalleled commercial insight

Businesses are under constant pressure from stakeholders and competitors to reduce costs and increase business effectiveness. For their part, department heads and their teams often struggle to meet the demands placed on them, weighed down by outdated, unreliable and cumbersome technologies. There’s often no clear path forward!

Among its major features, AlfaPeople’s CRM Business Process Review provides second-to-none commercial insight to help reveal to you the bigger digital picture surrounding your business. Where Dynamics 365 technologies can optimize your processes, our experts put their finger on weak points and advise you on how to tweak imperfect systems or workflows. Ultimately, we guide you toward establishing a solid base on CRM, future-proofing your business for the rapidly evolving global business environment.

Key outcomes of the CRM Business Process Review

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The CRM Business Process Review is a comprehensive digital process analysis that shines light on what works well, and what fails, in your end-user processes and current overall systems. Clear information and insight is the first step to change!

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Future Proofing

Whether your CRM is live or you’re interested in full implementation and customization of a Dynamics 365 solution, no company can rest easy with its current processes. A comprehensive business process review protects you from a crisis down the line by future-proofing your business around digital, Cloud and even AI strategies.

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Competitive edge

Our Dynamics 365 experts can quantify the problems in your processes, giving you a huge leg up in your attempts to smartly inform your commercial strategy and establish clear paths toward cost saving and efficiency outcomes for your business.

What our CRM Business Process Review can do for you?

CRM Business Process Review - CEO

Obsolete, opaque processes result in losses in profit and market share for businesses, which in turn increases the pressure from stakeholders and competitors. Since company decision maker aren‘t involved in most of the daily business surrounding these processes, it‘s difficult for management to put improvement mechanisms in motion on their own. As a quick and easy solution for managers, the CRM Business Process Review shines a light on business weak spots, for example in KPI structuring and reporting.

CRM Business Process Review - Sales

Sales managers fear outdated processes because they slow down their otherwise dynamic, success-driven sales force, leading to inefficiency and frustration. Such processes fail to provide useable key figures as a basis for sound reporting to senior management. With AlfaPeople, state-of-the-art processes are injected into sales, boosting efficiency and transparency, while also helping sales staff to unleash their full potential by allowing them to concentrate on workflows that are truly worth their attention.

CRM Business Process Review - Marketing

Every marketer knows that data-driven marketing is the key to both lead generation and market share gains. But what if that data is tucked away in silos across the company? And where do you go next when outdated processes prevent leads from ever becoming sales-qualified? AlfaPeople helps to tear down those data silos and realign all marketing processes to campaign-aided lead generation and lead nurturing using CRM.

CRM Business Process Review - Customer Service

If there‘s anything worse for a Head of Customer Service than a dissatisfied customer, it‘s the outdated process that feeds that dissatisfaction. Putting a smile on a customer‘s faces, and keeping it there, is impossible when anger stacks up behind stubborn and illogical procedures. The CRM Business Process review draws up clean pathways toward the implementation of early intervention customer service and workflows that allow your CRM end-users to put their focus where it should be.

How our CRM Business Process Review works?

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