CRM 2016 – Upgrade and get the missing Links – Part 2
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Sep 01, 2016

CRM 2016 – Upgrade and get the missing Links – Part 2

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With the new version of Dynamics CRM, Microsoft expands the functionality with very high-performance features. Below are highlights of the new features in Dynamics CRM 2016. In order to read the first part, click on the link above.

d) Project Service:

Project Service is a new solution for companies which work in a project-oriented manner and are seeking a comprehensive solution for project planning, processing, resource planning and project billing.

Project Service covers the entire process from the project process to billing. With Project Service, you can plan, budget your sales team and optimally analyse and design sales prices.

Project Manager can create the project plan efficiently and schedule resources on the basis of costs, availability and know-how. Everyone in the project team can record times and expenses and assign them to the respective project. Extensive reports and dashboards allow a comprehensive overview of the project process. If we are in Budget, we can create the target date and how profitable the project actually is; only some of the questions which can be answered quickly and comprehensively.

With Project Service you get a complete solution. Everything is included from planning and sales to project implementation and billing. The other possibilities in CRM such as workflows thereby make it possible to organise simple to complex processes and to partially automate them.

e) Voice of the Customer:

With “Voice of the Customer”, Microsoft offers a new module for Dynamics CRM in order to design, implement and analyse customer surveys.

“Voice of the Customer” allows complex surveys in which questions can be shown or hidden depending on user input. The formatting possibilities are diverse and allow surveys in CorporateDesign.

All responses are saved directly in the CRM database and are therefore directly available for evaluations. No matter whether you want to perform a survey on service satisfaction or a market query, “Voice of the Customer” offers a quick, fast and effective way to perform professional feedback analyses.
Of course, this all works in CRM. No other components such as WebServer or Designer are required.

f) Fantasy Sales Team:

With the “Fantasy Sales Team” solution, you will have the opportunity to motivate the employees in the company. With “Fantasy Sales Team”, you can expand your version Dynamics CRM to promote internal competition. If, for example, you start a competition in the sales team or offer a prize for the best seller or for the technician in the service team who had the most service calls or has solved most cases, the “Fantasy Sales Tea,” will support you in this project. In the past, such internal competitions have often failed in that only just a few employees can be motivated by such actions. Many tell themselves: “I do not have to or should not go against him, because he can do that much better than I”. With “Fantasy Sales Team” you can organise your employees, e.g. in teams and can define, for example, that a sale of 50,000.00 corresponds to one point. In the end, the best team wins and not always the star sellers. This means that employees are also motivated which are not necessarily in the top 3.

Author: Kay Arnold, Senior CRM Consultant