Break silos between ERP and CRM with Dynamics 365
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Nov 01, 2017

Break silos between ERP and CRM with Dynamics 365

Traditional ERP and CRM applications have been incredible pieces of software on their own, but have always had the drawback of the silo effect

Microsoft, for years, has had plans to somehow tie these individual pieces of amazing software together and with the introduction of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has broken open the silos of the applications and allow the Microsoft eco-system of applications and technologies to finally work together in a fashion that empowers the business user, not just the technical and functional genius to get the applications to work together. Microsoft has brought the entire Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relations Management worlds to the next level with the Dynamics 365 eco-system of product and technologies in the Microsoft arsenal. Microsoft is transforming today’s business world utilizing the Microsoft Cloud. The Azure technologies and Dynamics 365 eco-system of applications and technologies are providing a world where Digital Transformation is evolving at an incredible pace.

Office 365 Integrations

Dynamics 365 Excel Connector

Microsoft has taken the next step in the evolution of familiar business applications with Microsoft Excel and the Dynamics 365 Excel Connector. Creating the ability to use the most commonly used business application in the world and allowing the business user to use a completely familiar tool to do advanced data actions, such as loading or updating data in mass. While all of this is amazing and very exciting to demo, let’s be honest, it is also nerve-racking to a lot of technical and functional architects, analyst, and not to mention the Database Administrator and Information Technology management who have spent years doing this traditional type of work in the back ground. Microsoft is now empowering the functional business user who knows their data set to be able to closing interact with the ERP and CRM systems data directly. This streamlining of the business processes and allowing more operational efficiency for everyday business processes is breaking down the walls of the traditional silos between the business users and information technology folks. Now the big question and the first question that comes to mind SECURITY. Microsoft has addressed the security aspect of the challenge by utilizing the native security roles within Dynamics 365 utilizing OData functionality as this service sits in the same authentication stack and the server. Using the OAUTH service and Azure Active Directory the Dynamics Excel connector is enable to uses the built-in security roles of Dynamics 365 and thus validate only allow those with the authority to utilize the functionality. Microsoft did not stop with Excel, the Office integration and security extends to other familiar Office application like Outlook, work and document storage utilizing SharePoint.

Common Data Service (CDS)

Microsoft did not stop with the Office integration but again is now transforming how the world builds the bridges between major application like Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics 365 Sales. Utilizing Common Data Service, the Microsoft Azure based business application that enables the bridge building between applications and does the heavily lifting to bring all the business data together in a common platform. Allowing for focused and purpose built building of applications and analytical insight across the Dynamics 365 family of applications. Allowing the use of Power Apps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow to enhance the business user experience and provide that critical operational insight to all levels of a company.

The core values of Common Data Service:

  1. Central point for all business data
  2. The design and management house for the purpose build apps
  3. Seamless part of the eco-system – It just works with the rest of the Microsoft eco-system of products – Power Apps, Power BI, Microsoft Flow and Office integrations.

Microsoft with Dynamics 365 eco-system of applications and technology is truly empowering and transforming the landscape of business by tearing down the traditional silos and creating a Digital Transformation revolution that will elevate the world to new and incredible places and insights as we journey down this Digital Transformation highway.

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