3 Ways to Fix the Cracks in E-Commerce
AlfaPeople |
Mar 28, 2016

3 Ways to Fix the Cracks in E-Commerce

There’s no question e-commerce works! Google wouldn’t be a verb if it didn’t. The customer flow is there, but sometimes it’s more like a flood. This can be a good thing and translate into sales. However, we can get so caught up in the tools that drive leads that we miss out on opportunities to sell, and never actually know it. Fortunately, there are fixes for these e-commerce cracks.

#1 Invest in Sales Talent

There are more fine tools than ever to drive business to your site: SEO, SEM, programmatic campaigns, retargeting of all kinds and more. However, sales is the engine that converts this flow into revenue. And sales needs data flowing in a targeted, strategic way to better understand customer behavior and take advantage of opportunities. That’s where the right CRM system can make the difference, structuring the data flow to identify sales and marketing opportunities in different channels.

#2 Improve Your Systems

System improvements such as the addition of a Microsoft Dynamic AX CRM and ERP software solution can drive sales and maximize human resource potential both in sales and in management. It can also greatly improve the recruiting and talent on-boarding process so that the human resource department can be freed up to guide strategic recruitment initiatives.

Your sales team can develop greater rapport with potential clients by knowing more about each of the previous contacts and specific dynamics of every client relationship with your brand and how it originated.

#3 Streamline Data Collection

Systems like Google Analytics and their more advanced and paid cousins offer excellent data collection and tracking for big e-commerce retailer brands which undoubtedly offer insights for future campaigns and product development.

However, the influx of leads can change frequently. One day, social media is leading the top of your funnel and the next day it’s a remarketing campaign running on AdWords. With so many different streams, sales may have difficulties in keeping up. Yet a CRM tool can easily streamline data and make the numbers relevant to sales. With this automated approach, both sales and management have a deeper understanding of the drivers of the business, and the strategies to leverage them continually to match each new influx.