Charles Flynn is the newest member of the AlfaPeople team, working from our UK office in London as Head Finance for the US and UK. We sat down with him for a cup of tea and a quick chat about all things Charlie.

Tell us about your career so far and how you came to AlfaPeople.

I began my career in sales and that took me all the way to India where I spent two and a half years training sales teams, flying regularly between offices in Bangalore and Chennai. I then found myself in a Finance function and one day my boss at the time said to me, “Have you ever thought about being an accountant?” To which I answered… “Actually, no!” But I did my research and quickly realized that it was something I thought I could be quite good at. That company then ended up funding my CIMA training – it took me 4 years to be fully qualified as a management accountant. I then ended up back in the UK at an electronics company in my first management accounting role. After successfully overhauling their processes and systems, I realized I missed working in finance and that’s why I moved to this role at AlfaPeople.

What are your main responsibilities in the new role and what are you most looking forward to?

I will be dealing with the finances for the UK and US businesses and making sure we’re doing what we need to be doing from an accounting and finance perspective and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and instilling some new processes which solidify what we already do. I also haven’t worked with Dynamics 365 Finance before – having used Nav in my previous roles, so I’m looking forward to learning what it’s capable of and getting to grips with it; from what I’ve seen so far it’s an extremely powerful tool which draws together a lot of areas to present extremely useful information.

What attracted you to a career in Management Accountancy?

I was attracted by the fact that management accountants are focused on improving day-to-day operations of a business and making things better going forward, as opposed to financial accountants who look mainly at what’s happened in the past, reporting on what happened last month/year etc. There’s a bit more business to it, as opposed to just pure numbers and I like that.

If you weren’t working in this field, what other job could you see yourself doing?

Can I say unicorn trainer?! If not, then I’d have to say I would have liked to have been an army officer.

What are your interests outside work?

I like climbing mountains – I just came back from a weekend in Wales climbing Mt. Snowdon. I’m also renovating my house and learning lots of new skills in the process. And in my spare time I’m also an amateur DJ, specializing in Acid Jazz in particular.