AlfaPeople is made up of a diverse collection of individuals who have come together to achieve a single mission – to enable growth and provide unique, competitive business processes supported by flexible and capable Microsoft Dynamics solutions and industry add-ons with additional enhancements. We want to highlight the people behind the scenes with our Employee Spotlight blogs, during which we will sit down with employees to hear a little bit about the people who make the AlfaPeople culture so distinctive. This week, we talked to Aidelyyn Figueroa, Project Administrator, at AlfaPeople.

My current role at AlfaPeople

Currently, I am a Project Administrator for AlfaPeople. My role is essentially to provide support for day to day operations. I make sure employees have all the tools and access necessary to complete their jobs as efficiently as possible. That includes anything from IT Support, backend projects and working with employees to solve any problems they may have so they can perform their job.

My typical day at AlfaPeople

There is no typical day for my position. My job entails so many different things, some days I’ll be doing a lot of internal IT Support and helping employees out with issues that I can take care of before escalating it to a higher IT level. Other days, I’ll perform training with consultants or employee onboarding. So, it really varies on a day to day basis.

Work environment at AlfaPeople

Due to the nature of my position, I work with a lot of bright individuals with different levels of expertise. This encourages me to strive for more and also allows me to measure my contributions to what they’re doing and how they’re performing.

It’s encouraging to know I can, one day, get to that level if I work hard enough.

Favorite part of my job

My favorite part is the variety. It’s challenging to keep up with every task and making sure I complete everything that is required, but at the same time, it’s great that there is no typical day and I’m allowed the remote flexibility and the ability work on different tasks that challenge me. 

We can work from home. The remote flexibility allows us to work at our own pace, of course, as efficiently as possible. We can set up our own schedules and align it to our needs, as long as the job gets done. 

Careers with AlfaPeople

I would highly encourage anyone to start a career with AlfaPeople, especially if they’re interested in the Microsoft Dynamics world and Retail.

We have a great flexible work environment, and management really cares about the employees. There is a lot of room for growth and professional development, with continued support from supervisors. I highly encourage considering a career path with AfaPeople.

Interested in learning more about career opportunities with AlfaPeople? Check out all the open roles in the United States here. You can also learn more about AlfaPeople by visiting our About Us page.

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