A start full of great expectations

When I joined AlfaPeople in April 2008, I had great expectations, because it meant a job challenge and an adventure for my life; All my expectations were met and far exceeded.

I discovered that AlfaPeople is a company where learning never stops, where every day we have the opportunity to grow, improve, and we can fully exploit our skills.

Constant learning

The first thing I want to emphasize is that this company has constantly provided me with ample training and practical induction on all the tools necessary for my performance, also, thanks to the experience of my colleagues and supervisors, I was able to develop my work with much more accuracy, speed and agility.

I have continually had guidance in every step I have taken, as well as for any of the assignments I have made. Every case and every assignment meant great opportunities to achieve goals of personal and professional growth and give a better solution to the client.

My professional challenge: From NAV to AX

Initially I started with the ERP called Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the area of consultancy, in the commercial and logistics module. As I was progressing in implementations and experience, the company gave me the great opportunity to train me in other areas and tools. Gradually I was advancing, both professionally and personally, and I started implementing an ERP called Microsoft Dynamics AX. Here the adventure began!

I started a phase of growth where I was able to exploit my potential to the fullest through the implementation of large projects at national and international level and I was also able to learn and develop in different industries such as wood, food, construction and multiple services.

A place full of daily challenges

AlfaPeople is a company in which every day is a challenge or a new experience, since the dynamic of the job involves experiencing different scenarios in which we must provide support and superior customer service, in addition to providing the best implementation and follow-up options, to give each of our customers what they really need and are waiting for while meeting their goals and expectations.

Definitely working in doing what you love is a challenge!

It’s not a team, it’s a family.

In AlfaPeople I feel that I belong not only to a great company, but I feel part of a family; Where I have the total support of the collaborators of all the areas to grow professionally. The most important thing is that we are a very good team in which the fellowship, the respect, the union and the effort to give the best of each one is present every day.

AlfaPeople, a company of values

Something that I love about working at AlfaPeople is that the values and convictions of the company and its collaborators give rise to a form of work where they engage and encourage behaviors such as teamwork, responsibility, respect, participation, Integrity and innovation.

I really feel motivated to be better every day and develop my skills better and AlfaPeople is a place where I can do it, while I enjoy doing what I love every day.

If you are interested in starting a career at AlfaPeople contact us.