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For 5 years I have been part of AlfaPeople’s working team. This company has allowed me to grow professionally, gave me the opportunity to learn about new technologies, work methodologies, and has shown me how synchronicity between each of the members of a company it is possible to achieve more easily the objectives. The learning process I have gone through left traces and great changes, even in my personal aspect, to become a person who strives to structure and fulfill my goals.

My professional development has been possible thanks to the growth processes granted by AlfaPeople. In my case, I had the confidence of the company to move from a supporting area at the administrative level to the area of consulting in the Financial module, where I have been the last 3 years. This achievement was possible by a self-training process in which I had the unconditional support of my colleagues, who shared working material and access to the environment. The fellowship within this company makes you feel supported by a great army that always seeks the collective benefit and excellence. This reason is enough to commit one hundred percent to the organization and plannig to continue as part of this company for many more years.

Starting this new stage in my life came with new and huge challenges, initially to show the team my full commitment to meet the quality standards for which AlfaPeople has always been recognized.

One of the aspects that I like most is a dynamic work environment in which the company establishes new methodologies, drives self-management; and these 5 years have been characterized by the innovation through the implementation of the projects following different strategies to fulfill the client’s requirements. This has allowed me to expand my experience in different work methodologies and face responsibility to efficiently use those resources provided by each one of the projects.

Welcome to the world Dynamics:

Entering the Dynamics AX world enabled a universe full of opportunities: I learned about business processes from different economic sectors of the public and private sector, interacted with users of large national and international companies, and even the opportunity to work hand in hand with users who do not speak my language, knowing in turn different cultures and work methodologies which have been very useful in my daily work. AlfaPeople’s work technique has allowed me to specialize in the design of financial processes in which I have managed to offer services with the highest quality.

Dynamics is an infinite world of knowledge; every day new updates arise and this reason drives me to continue for a long time more hand in hand with a company that promises to continue being one of the best nationwide, projecting me to continue with implementations in large private companies and the public sector. Every project comes with new requirements, methodologies and even business processes that require additional analysis. This demands me to be constantly updated not only at the tool’s functionalities level but at the normative level. I really want to remain dedicated to this profession for many years, certify myself in the latest versions of Dynamics and continue to strengthen my knowledge about the tool to use to its greater capacity the new functionalities coming with this versions, with the sole objective of helping my clients in the optimization of their processes in such a way that allows them to efficiently use their resources. The greatest satisfaction from implementations has been loyal customers to the organization.

This blog is an invitation for those who are interested in being part of this great team and believe they have the skills to grow together inside this Dynamics ecosystem.

If you want to be part of it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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