Life at AlfaPeople
Frederik Vincens Lehmann
AX Business Consultant

I have worked in AlfaPeople since June 2015. In the short amount of time I have been here I have seen the company grow so fast. We are still looking for a lot of talented colleagues, so therefore I would like to tell more about, why I believe that there is an amazing collegial environment and why team work goes hand in hand when working in AlfaPeople.

Strong collegial environment

One of the first things, I would like to enhance is that I think there is a really good work environment. We collaborate, help each other and we are not afraid to work a little extra, if there is a need for it. AlfaPeople has a flat organizational hierarchy. A positive result to this is the great extent of practice sharing that we have. As an employee you can learn a lot from the others, as well as contributing with your own competences.

The transformation from Navision to Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail

For me it was a big opportunity to move from Navision to Microsoft Dynamics AX. I am especially passionate about retail and fashion. Since the beginning I have certified myself in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail, and I really enjoy learning so much about the Microsoft “book”.

Big international projects

What especially was appealing for me when I just started was the possibility of being part of big, international projects. I knew that AlfaPeople had many large clients with international character. This is actually what made me interested and why I applied for the job as Microsoft Dynamics consultant. There is good collaboration in the company and even though you are not working on the same projects, there are so many people to discuss ideas and best practice with.

Dynamic and interdisciplinary collaboration

There is a completely unique dynamic in AlfaPeople in the entire organization and a strong team spirit in the Microsoft Dynamics AX team, where I am located. That drive is clearly mirrored among myself and my colleagues. No days are alike. We have exciting and dynamics work days.

“I am really passionate about my business area”


What motivates me the most about working in AlfaPeople is to put on the trouble-shooter-jacket and solve the challenges that are in front of me. As a consultant, our job is to help the customer, find a solution for the customer and help them with the implementation. When I do a good piece of work and get recognized then I get super motivated. This actually motivates me on the good days, but also on less good days.

“You can really make a difference for the project”

AlfaPeople values

If I with 3 words should describe AlfaPeople’s values I would say that in AlfaPeople, we can see strengths in all kinds of cultures and therefore the words dynamic, multi-cultural and diversity nicely describes AlfaPeople as a workplace.

If you have gotten curious about a career in AlfaPeople I can only encourage you to read more about our vacant positions here.