Advanced Product Lifecycle Management from Bluestar

Bluestar PLM enhances the operational efficiency and profitability of its customers, closing the gap between what may have been the previously siloed operations and engineering departments and enabling data to be shared and accessed seamlessly.

Clients selecting this product will benefit from:

  • Advanced product change management capabilities, as a result of Bluestar PLM’s integration with Dynamics AX and its ability to work seamlessly with CAD. Designs, production orders, inventories and purchase orders are accessed and amended in a single solution;
  • A low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) when compared with stand-alone PLM solutions, thanks to its structure as a native Dynamics AX solution and with the appropriate maintenance inherently included;
  • The structure and capabilities of Dynamics AX encourage collaborative working relationships and efficient processes between key internal departments such as engineering, sales, purchasing, manufacturing and service. Using the same application, errors are eliminated between CAD, PLM and ERP systems;
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  • Based on a bidirectional exchange of meta-data, CAD and ERP data is synched in real-time because Bluestar PLM works seamlessly with 2D and 3D CAD data on an ‘out of the box’ basis; and
  • Strengthened global capabilities powered by Microsoft’s suite of cloud solutions that are dynamically-updated and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

At an operational level, Bluestar PLM facilitates and simplifies cross-functional business processes, at the same time providing clarity of management information and accurate documentation to every department and location in your business.

The list of features that Bluestar PLM provides to manufacturing companies is extensive:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX integration: Developed exclusively for the Dynamics AX ERP platform, it helps companies to achieve the optimum integration between engineering and manufacturing as well as a lower TCO;
  • Microsoft Office and CAD integration: Take advantage of automatic data and file exchange between Dynamics AX and the chosen CAD system, as well as better control of product documents when using the Office suite;
  • Product structure management: Multi-level bills of existing materials, associated drawings and documentation are visually represented and can be managed from a single product structure dashboard. New product structures can be easily added with the powerful drag & drop design;
  • Centralised product information: Clients can create and access data from across the organisation in a single data solution plus consolidate documents and data pulled from CAD, Office, PLM and ERP systems;
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  • Product classification: Hierarchy-based product classifications and classification-specific attributes ensure accurate part descriptions and reliability of the associated data;
  • Automated workflows: Applied to business processes from conception to completion in all departments and locations, automated workflows are managed with a graphical workflow engine;
  • Revision control: Full ability to track revisions of Dynamics AX items and related drawings, 3D models, routes and technical documentation;
  • Engineering change management: Change management processes from initial request through impact analysis and implementation in the production system are fully managed; and
  • Multi-site collaboration: Make cooperative working between engineering teams spread across multiple locations easier with intelligent file replication.

A central capability of Bluestar PLM is an SQL database, home to a single set of revision-controlled data generated from a combination of CAD and Microsoft’s Office, PLM and ERP applications.  Its integration into Bluestar PLM and Dynamics AX provides:

  • Two-way CAD integration with systems including AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Catia, Solid Edge, Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/E) DraftSight and others;
  • 3D product configuration and design automation with the Microsoft Dynamics AX product configurator;
  • Enhanced quality management of non-conformances with best practice processes (CAPA); and
  • Engineering revision and change control, to better oversee changes to parts and their designs and documentation as well as the resulting impact on production, inventory and logistics operations.

Whether you choose the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution that is cloud-based, deployed on-premise or a combination of the two, Bluestar PLM can help your organisation comprehensively improve its Product Lifecycle Management capabilities to a high standard and lower cost.

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