Kadjan Elango Kadjan Elango is an ERP consultant at AlfaPeople in Denmark. Kadjan sat down to discuss his day-to-day experiences at the company and the benefits of working at a Microsoft partner where the work-life balance is a top priority.

What gets you up in each work morning?

I’m very focused on my professional development, and AlfaPeople definitely gives me the space to grow. I like my job because it’s a place where you get to develop and research. There is always something to look forward to and I learn something new every day. There is also a lot of focus on the social side, which is a huge bonus. I have some really great colleagues, who make it an even greater place to be. It’s always great to socialize with your colleagues outside of work, so you get to know each other even better.

What makes AlfaPeople unique?

I have a lot of freedom. There are no restrictive rules on how tasks should be structured or solved. I can solve the task the way I like. I can explore challenges, and this gives me room to develop professionally. I am the type of person who would rather investigate and find the answer myself than have it delivered in advance. That is why I really appreciate that at AlfaPeople I get guidance on which direction to go in order to find the solution myself, but at the same time I also develop professionally.

How do you experience work-life balance at AlfaPeople?

I am extremely pleased with the work-life balance at AlfaPeople. It’s always a fine balance. But at AlfaPeople, we’re shown flexibility and confidence with the belief that we can do our best no matter where we work from. When we, as colleagues, sit and talk, we talk a lot about life outside the workplace, where the conversation does not always turn to work. This also creates a better work environment.

How do you interact with your AlfaPeople colleagues?

Here we have several social activities, at least once a month. One of my colleagues and I started doing bends in the kitchen before lunch. I said to him: “Let’s just do some bends”. In the beginning it was only the two of us and we invited more people, so today there’s many more of us. It strengthened our connection as colleagues, and it is also nice to exercise a bit during the day, before we sit down and go quiet for most of the day.

Why would you recommend AlfaPeople?

At AlfaPeople, you’ll have the opportunity to develop and become part of a company that will support you and your skills development. AlfaPeople welcomes people who want to develop professionally. My personal, professional and social development are very important to me and I think there is room for all of this at AlfaPeople.

Gitte Højgaard Mouritsen
Gitte Højgaard Mouritsen
Marketing Manager at AlfaPeople

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