The Caldas Liquor Industry is a Colombian firm with huge experience. After almost 80 years of excellence producing and marketing liquor is recognized as a high quality company in national and international markets. Its coverage includes 29 of the 32 departments of Colombia and exports to over 13 countries.

As a new partner, we are very proud of this big step, to be chosen by the Caldas Liquor Industry to implement Dynamics AX. This achievement is the result of our skills and knowledge due to our extensive experience in Colombia providing decisive solutions for the Public Sector, a compelling reason from the project’s ROI point of view, since it guarantees the return on investment and complete synergy with the company in understanding the needs of their customers and optimizing production control, costing and integration with the public budget.

Initially, the company has approximately 55 users in perspective, and excellent functional growth projections.

With this business victory, AlfaPeople continues to grow and strengthen as a leader in the implementation and development of solutions for public budgets, contracts and procurement plans. So we are now in Colombia the ideal, expert technical Partner in Public Sector.