AlfaPeople Chile and LS Retail, Partner ISV Microsoft join forces to deliver a modern solution to their clients in Microsoft Dynamics AX, ERP World Class.

The integration of LS Hospitality and Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed within a single solution for the biggest restaurant chains and business service stations that have organizational problems with their distribution in multiple locations. LS Hospitality connects the operations of the restaurants with the processes of the administrative offices giving 360° visibility to the restaurant operations. Additionally, it makes use of the potentialities of Omni – channel supported through online solutions and mobile devices, giving flexibility to the company and increasing the sales channels.

LS Hospitality supports different business models including: fast food, restaurants, bars, take out and delivery. Sustaining standard features in accounting, banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management and warehouse management.

LS Hospitality centrally manages the restaurant processes, point of sale and the kitchen monitors. This solution covers functionalities including: management of the tables, food preparation, number of customers, modifications to the preset menus, concerns with the dishes, types of menus, table transfers, separation of bills, among others.

This partnership is another example of how AlfaPeople seeks to deliver solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and quality improvements with added value that contribute to fulfill the specific requirements of the business.