It was 2012 when my wife and I decided to move to Colombia. It wasn’t because I had an opportunity there or even because someone had recommended it, I just wanted to embark on an adventure to learn about something new, and now, looking back, it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in my entire life. I saw a chance and I took it.

I had worked in systems in the past, doing operational work and other typical web development stuff. I got to know ERP’s in college, but it was a very superficial approach. I could have never imagined the robust and complex system I’ve been working in for years now, and I never would have accomplished this work without the support of my co-workers.

Training and the early years

After going through the orientation process, I began to study Dynamics. First, I read up on plenty of concepts, and then I practiced the basics repeatedly.

When you arrive in a different country everything is complicated. Food tastes different, the air is different, words are different… But nobody warns you about just how different one Latin American person thinks compared to another. Analyzing and then working on a problem is a typical way to go about engineering but managing to do it successfully as a team is a much more complicated affair.

Thanks to the constant support of my peers and the set of tools they provided me with, I managed to develop professionally in a country that I had never been to before, overcoming the many obstacles that normally come up in system implementations one by one.

Back in my homeland

I had never been as thankful for a team as the one I left in Colombia. All the knowledge and experience accrued in a couple of years there translated into a quick adaptation to the Chilean model, which is a completely different world from what I was accustomed to.

All the initial setbacks and challenges that came up day after day were swiftly dealt with, and before I knew it, I was working with a fantastic team, which, despite my initial surprise, shared many of the traits my team back in my second mother country had. I met the AlfaPeople family, a multicultural team who, despite distances, manage the same concept no matter where they are. Through professionalism and effort, this team brings out the best in each other, day in, day out.

Looking towards the horizon

I’ve been back in Chile for three years and my experience has been truly fulfilling. Today’s challenges are much greater than in the past, but I’m certain that with the support I found within the team, any task can be tackled; no matter how bold it may seem, these guys go for it. You don’t find that everywhere and you don’t find that in every country, you find it at AlfaPeople.

It’s normal to feel afraid about new things, especially if they drag you out of your comfort zone, but if I’ve learned one thing over these past few years, it’s that if your co-worker is giving it their all, then you have to step up because quality cannot be demanded, it is produced through effort and dedication.

Sebastián Lazo
Sebastián Lazo
AX Developer at AlfaPeople

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