My Beginnings

In 2010, I answered a major ad related to a job opportunity in consulting. I held a position in a large telecommunications company, but I worked with a local ERP, so I applied to the position and approached the headhunter who had published it. After the selection process, which was quite rigorous I must admit, I got to know a whole new world related to AX and a great family that was willing to teach and guide me through the ever-changing world of consulting. At AlfaPeople, I got to develop what I knew and had learned on paper about a World Class ERP, which allowed me to climb up the company ladder pretty quickly, along with other peers who were just as eager to learn as I was. Ever since then, I have never stopped acquiring new knowledge, improving tasks, learning about new issues, getting to know different markets, travelling to different countries, where clients greet you like the great savior of their processes that have been stagnated by ERP’s that are simply not up to the task, not to mention poorly implemented processes, changing standards, task automation, and the list goes on…


There comes a time when you want to broaden your professional horizons. I was struck by this realization when an important client offered me a management position in his multinational company. However, after just a few months I realized I missed the dynamic energy that came with consulting. I missed the challenges and dead-ends clients had reached; the brainstorming sessions and the exchange of innovative, cutting-edge ideas. I missed the fact that to keep learning allowed me to conceive new ideas and processes, keep my team motivated and boost their talents. In a nutshell: in consulting work, you never have time to get bored or even think your work is monotonous or routine.


Since I consider myself part of the family, AlfaPeople wanted to give me some space to embark on a new path, but always expecting me to return. That’s why when they decided to get in touch with me to see whether I’d possibly be interested in rejoining the company, I jumped at the chance without thinking twice. I realized that at AlfaPeople, you travel at the speed of light. All of your eagerness to learn and evolve is rewarded in no time in this company. Here, family and work are completely compatible. Every time you’re sitting in your chair and you think you are not testing your skills to their absolute limit, it means you’re not where you’re supposed to be. AlfaPeople is always observing the market, so if you raise your hand, it’ll be a lot easier to board this non-stop train, because once you get on, you’ll never want to get off.

Andrés Rivas Contreras-Project Manager and Ax Architect
Andrés Rivas Contreras
Project Manager and Ax Architect at AlfaPeople