AlfaPeople Brazil hosted an event on October 23 in support of Pink October, known in Portuguese as Outubro Rosa, an international awareness initiative aimed at reducing rates of breast cancer.

The event, held in partnership with other companies in our building in São Paulo, included presentations about the disease itself, as well as on topics related to health, food and well-being.

AlfaPeople Brazil host Pink October event to support breast cancer awareness According to Brazil’s National Cancer Institute (INCA), in 2019 alone, close to 59,000 women were diagnosed with the disease. Breast cancer is the second most prevalent type of cancer facing women in Brazil.

One activity that caught the attention of many of the event’s attendees was about the practice of Mindfulness Meditation, a type of adjunctive therapy that improves the quality of life of cancer patients.

Other activities were a workshop on self-esteem and self-care, workplace gymnastics, and lectures by gynecologists Dr. Gabriela Innecco and Dr. Raquel Magalhães, which reinforced the importance of women keeping on top of their routine checkups and adopting healthy living habits.

AlfaPeople’s Head of Support Rosemeire Melo, who attended the event, said she learned an important lesson about the detection of breast cancer:

“I found the lecture on breast cancer very enlightening. A lot of information was new to me, such as the fact that MRI and ultrasonography are complementary to mammography.”

AlfaPeople Brazil host Pink October event to support breast cancer awareness Over the course of the day, more than 50 women from various companies participated in this event and received a special gift, a water bottle with the phrase “Prevention” and the traditional pink ribbon, world symbol of the Pink October campaign.

Brazilian authorities and campaigners have promoted the international awareness campaign Pink October nationwide since 2012, with a focus on the performance of reliable testing like mammography, the early detection of the disease and consequently the reduction of mortality.

You can learn more about Pink October on the organization’s official website.