Currently, the market for BI systems that help organizations to obtain information to improve the process of decision making has increased. Power BI is a tool that allows processing and transforming information from very complex data sources, and integrate it to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Desktop if necessary.

Power BI is an application that allows you to connect to more than 65 data sources of many applications and databases such as Excel, and this data can be transformed and analyzed and then presented in panels and reports, and thus be consulted by users.

In addition, the Pro version allows sharing the panels to a certain number of users in the same organization. This allows managers, financial, sales, administrative, etc. to access the necessary reports and analyze their current management of their area, for example, sales analysis.

Many systems currently offer reports or queries that only allow information to be viewed in the same window, being inefficient when consolidating large amounts of data, summarizing totals or very specific information. Power BI allows to transform this data and display it in graphics, with the possibility of being embedded in important applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM).

We can show it with a simple example: in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations there are workspaces which are work places that allows you to create a direct link with Power BI; so once having the boxes (combs) created, we can link them and display them, this information can be updated by periodic updates within Power BI Services.

Why Adapt Power BI in your Company?

When we get into these boxes (honeycombs) embedded in the workspaces, we have the possibility to open the icon with just one click, to interact with them. We explore here the Family of Products.

Why Adapt Power BI in your Company?

With the filter, we can see the sales of the Speakers family of products, which is made up of 3 types of products.

In a quick way, we can see in the Speakers Family the sales total of 9.06 million. And with the circular chart, we can see which is the best selling product.

Why Adapt Power BI in your Company?

Only by placing ourselves on the circular chart can we see the percentage represented by MindRangeSpeaker2 and its equivalent amount in sales. The chart graph analyzes quantities. The largest box represents the most sold product in terms of quantity.

These graphics can also be embedded for other Microsoft applications such as Dynamics 365 (CRM), offering a large number of visualizations or graphics that interact with multiple tables, this application offers a free Desktop version and we can try it, and we have the Services version that is integrated to the cloud and interacts with the Dynamics 365 applications, these versions are the most used currently

Power BI opens a world of possibilities for people who want to analyze data along with the business intelligence necessary to show relevant information in real time, in a quick, visual, easy and interactive way.

Daniel Barreto
Daniel Barreto
Dynamics 365 Consultant in Commercial at AlfaPeople