In principle, the Financial Services industry looks in a CRM application for all the benefits traditionally expected: better customer service and better efficiency in the relationship processes, in the usual pillars of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

However, let’s explore together five particularities of this segment and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can add value by working directly with those needs.

1: Experience Customization – 360º Vision

Financial institutions often have high-value relationships with customers. Whether dealing with large transaction volumes or safeguarding the assets of a lifetime, your customers, and your loyalty, bring great lifetime value. Thus, the personalization of the experience becomes especially critical, so that each interaction is fundamental for a harmonic conduction of the current interests and past relationships of that client.

A platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables a unified view of all current transactions and assets, as well as relationship preferences and the relationship history itself. Thus, the system can effectively guide communication across all channels.

5 Ways To Empower CRM For Financial Services

2: Base Monetization

Considering the importance each customer represents to financial services companies and the focus they need on their retention, the perspective of “leverage” the relationship is also especially important, making the customer base profitable through cross-sell and up-sell of services and products.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, in particular when offered in conjunction with Code-K Campaign, provides segmentation and automation of communication rules, reaching each customer precisely with the right product, the right channel, and the right time. Considering that a channel can be a Call Center or a physical agency, the possibilities of interaction between the product modules are numerous.

5 Ways To Empower CRM For Financial Services

3: Innovation

As an extremely competitive sector of the economy, financial services companies are faced with the constant need to expand their operations to new geographic or competitive territories, requiring a unique pace of innovation in their area of technology. Old legacy systems and niche applications, without the platform concept, often make this evolution difficult or cost prohibitive.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, in particular in its Online version, is already conceptually born as a corporate platform, climbing with the company. The product offers the fast and powerful expansion of its data model and business processes, as well as natively evolving alongside other modern Microsoft tools like Power BI, Sharepoint, and Skype.

5 Ways To Empower CRM For Financial Services

4: Technological Trends

Many trends come quickly and transform customers’ perceptions and expectations, thereby changing the way employees perform their daily activities. With financial services companies, this is especially relevant. Consider, for example, the need for mobility and the widespread presence of social networks.

Microsoft is a world leader in state-of-the-art technology and offers solutions spanning the entire spectrum of personal productivity. As such, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is always at the forefront of all the trends the market is going through.

5 Ways To Empower CRM For Financial Services

5: Process Oriented Vision

The financial industry is especially known for its regulatory requirements and multiplicity of processes aimed at customer relations, both in back-office and front-office. Each process often involves numerous different areas, which in turn have specific systems that need to be operated. It is necessary, therefore, those technological solutions facilitate the conduction of these processes minimizing, whenever possible, the friction in the interaction with the legacy systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a very powerful process management tool, with both back-end workflows and front-end business processes. In addition, its unique Unified Service Desk (USD) solution enables process automation across systems of different technologies with robustness and speed, resulting in operational efficiency and a great customer experience.

We especially emphasize the use of Dynamics in the conduction of onboarding processes for new clients.

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5 Ways To Empower CRM For Financial Services
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5 Ways To Empower CRM For Financial Services
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5 Ways To Empower CRM For Financial Services