5 Reasons Why Leon is Proud to be an Alfa!
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Nov 16, 2017

5 Reasons Why Leon is Proud to be an Alfa!

We’re super proud of our team here at AlfaPeople and love watching it grow. We caught up with Leon, one of our Senior Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants to find out what he loves most about being a part of the team. Here are his top five reasons:

1. Family Feels

AlfaPeople has a big family feel to it and this shone through during my interview process back in the early part of 2017. Phil, the UK Managing Director, Tim, the UK Delivery Director and Martyna, a Senior Dynamics 365 Consultant, were my interviewers and made me feel welcome before I was even offered the job. I have since been on a number of projects at AlfaPeople, exposing me to more Alfas, and the willingness to support one another (unconditionally!) is really extraordinary. No one feels alone here.

2. The Alfa Passion

Driven from the very top, Phil, the UK Managing Director has a real passion for delivering market-leading solutions to all our customers and empowering his workforce with the tools to do this.

Pair this passion with Tim, the UK Delivery Director who also has fantastic industry experience and a hunger for genuinely innovative solutions, it gives you a sense of the kind of personnel they’ve gone on to hire – and I’m proud to be an Alfa and part of this elite group.

3. Rewarding

What is clear, is that the Alfas work very hard for both their customers and for one another. AlfaPeople is big in recognizing this. Work hard and you will be rewarded is the message. AlfaPeople has seen some exciting new (large!) projects arrive in 2017 as a result of this hard work and Phil is not shy about showing his appreciation. He arranges monthly socials where your attendance is heavily encouraged to ensure these successes are celebrated, together, as a family. Quarterly events/activities are also organized which give the heads at Alfa a chance to give a company update before throwing us into some crazy fun-filled activity for the afternoon.

4. Flexible Working

A big part of me joining AlfaPeople was their take on flexible working. I strongly believe one way to have a more effective workforce is to promote/encourage a healthy work and life balance. Working from home cuts out the stress of a commute and the admin of expensing. Working from home means if I need to get a plumber around or I’m expecting a parcel delivery, I can do so without having to take a day off for it – these are all areas that make life more manageable and in some weird way makes me want to work even harder to ensure I am ‘giving back’ to AlfaPeople!

5. Benefits Package!

At AlfaPeople they have provided us with fantastic benefits from the offset. They offer comprehensive Pension, Private Medical Insurance and Life Insurance cover which gives that understated peace of mind. The Private Medical offering from Vitality provides additional benefits such as discounted gym membership, cinema vouchers, Ocado deliveries and much more. Another nice touch from AlfaPeople is they basically cover the cost of your home internet! A more recent addition to our benefits has been our enrolment to a scheme called ‘Perkbox’. I can’t put into words just how many rewards this scheme offers, ranging from free food in major UK restaurants, to movie tickets, to free phone insurance, to savings on Sky Bundles and so so much more – all refreshed/updated weekly!