5 Reasons Why Areti Loves Mondays
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Oct 02, 2017

5 Reasons Why Areti Loves Mondays

Areti has been part of the AlfaPeople team since June 2017 as a Senior Dynamics 365 Consultant advising customers on best practices and providing overall guidance on how to best implement Dynamics 365. Working with some of our largest customers, Areti has already made her mark in the AlfaPeople team, offering her skills, knowledge, and insight not only to customers but also to the wider AlfaPeople team.

Here, Areti shares her first impressions of AlfaPeople and 5 reasons why she loves Mondays:

1. People Focus

AlfaPeople has a culture centered around the people it employs and making sure each person feels valued and part of the team – this is massively important as it is not the case in all consultancies. There is also a focus on training both on Dynamics but also general skills training too which is equally important.

2. Team

The AlfaPeople team is diverse both in terms of skills and personalities which is great as there is never ending banter as well as learning from one another. We are all working on different projects and may not cross paths in the office for a long time – having our monthly (or so) get-togethers helps us all catch up and reminds us that we also need to have fun!

3. The Work

AlfaPeople are currently working on two large-scale, international projects and there are a variety of challenges as well as opportunities within that are great opportunities for the whole team to develop our skills and experience. What is great is that this also applies to current customers and projects that are now in support – there are learning opportunities everywhere.

4. Rate of Change

In the short amount of time, I have been with AlfaPeople the company has changed a lot from the team getting bigger, changing offices and developing new ways of working as well as introducing new benefits and structures. It is an evolving company so no two weeks are the same, something changes (for the better) every other week or so!

5. Ambition

The company has a lot of ambition for the future and building on the hard work of the team and the skills we have – it feels like this is just the beginning and the future looks exciting!

AlfaPeople is always on the lookout for talented leaders in digital transformation to join our team. As well as being part an award-winning company, AlfaPeople invests greatly in personal and career development – plus the perks are endless from food in the office to drinks on Thursdays and flexible working. With an inherently agile and modern approach to working, AlfaPeople is both compassionate and leading edge. With employees from every corner of the globe from New Zealand, to India to South Africa, AlfaPeople’s team fully supports diversity.

So, are you the next AlfaPerson? Check out our careers page now! Whether you’re a specialist in Dynamics 365, AX and Operations or IT Service Management we would love to hear from you.

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