Life at AlfaPeople
By Tom Danielsen
AX Business Consultant

AlfaPeople is expanding and therefore looking for a lot of new employees. There are many advantages of working in a company like AlfaPeople, and here is my top 5 over why you should work here and what makes AlfaPeople the ideal place for Microsoft Dynamics enthuatists.

I decided to start here because I heard that AlfaPeople is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics partners and I got a really good first impression of the company. Since I myself worked with ERP implementation and supply chain management through the last 20 years, then AlfaPeople seemed like the proper match for me. In my former jobs, I have been on the other side of the desk, where I worked directly for the customer. In AlfaPeople I can now use my many years of experience to secure the customers a solid Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, both in relation to many year of project management and as business consultant on Microsoft Dynamics AX processes within the areas of purchasing and sales.

“In AlfaPeople, I can now use my many years of experience to secure the customers a solid help with Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, both as to project management and as a business consultant on Microsoft Dynamics processes within the areas of sales and logistics”

1. Enhancement of skill levels

Being that Microsoft Dynamics AX has a broad spectrum of business solutions, and our focus is mainly on retail – I still have a lot to learn but AlfaPeople is the ideal company if you want to learn about the world of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

2. International ERP project

In AlfaPeople, we work on both national and international Microsoft Dynamics project, which makes our competences and networking is so much more than merely AlfaPeople DK. This means that we always have access to talented and competent Microsoft Dynamics Ax competences. There is no doubt that the customers get better solutions, and we also feel an enhanced customer satisfaction score with the new solutions.

“As an employee it is very motivating to be a part of this big and international project as these.”

3. Constant development

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a product, where there change constantly happen. Before, you could be an expert on the entire application, but the tendency is that the product and its many new features, and last not but least the newest cloud version based on AX7 demands a lot more talented consultants.

4. One of the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics partners

Another reason for working in AlfaPeople is that, it is a company which is one of the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics partners, and it is only motivating to be part of a company which is constantly growing and there is ample opportunity for to grow both personally and professionally.

5. Foosball, solidarity and fun times with your colleagues

Divergence and talent are two words which characterizes AlfaPeople. In AlfaPeople, we are a good mix of both young, talented and experienced people. This creates a certain dynamic in the company, and it contributes to good times with your co-workers. We go by the motto “work hard, play hard”, but at the same time there is room for foosball, Friday afternoon staff get-together and other teambuilding actitivies.

“For me it is important to be on a workplace, that embraces both family and work life and I certainly believe that AlfaPeople provides this.”

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