It’s critical for any organization today to ensure that their business applications have the ability to continuously adapt. Yet, this is easier said than done. Despite best efforts, many organizations lack competences, capacity or readiness to deliver this internally.

Read our 10 reasons to why you should pay attention and invest in support and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX through the service AMF (Application Maintenance Framework) from AlfaPeople.

  1. Stay updated
  2. We help you upgrade to new versions of Dynamics CRM and AX, for example CRM 2016 or AX7.

  3. Stay ahead
  4. AMF covers both the functional and technical ownership of your Microsoft Dynamics solutions, ensuring you fully utilize the potential of your investment.

  5. Be focused
  6. AMF allows you to focus on your core business, while we ensure the stability and continuous evolvement of your Dynamics solution.

  7. Be reactive
  8. AMF delivers a high responsiveness to any incidents, problems or changes you report.

  9. Be efficient
  10. AMF comes with a set of best practice processes reaching into your own organization ensuring an efficient and qualitative daily workflow.

  11. Be flexible
  12. The AMF service can seamlessly scale up or down – always compatible to the workload.

  13. Reduce IT costs
  14. AMF is delivered by a joint team of local and centralized resources resulting in very competitive prices – reducing your IT costs.

  15. Predict IT costs
  16. The flexibility in the service is reflected in the commercial model – giving you an efficient lever to manage your IT cost to match both workload and budget.

  17. Be compliant
  18. Using best practice, this service helps you solve incidents, problems, changes, repeating tasks, testing, deploying and upgrades without jeopardizing your running solution.

  19. Be understood
  20. AMF is delivered by a dedicated team of CRM/AX experts that will know everything about you, your industry and your specific solution.


AlfaPeople AMF (Application Maintenance Framework) is a comprehensive post-go-live service which incorporates the functional and technical ownership of your Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics CRM solution. AlfaPeople AMF is specifically designed to include everything you need to run a successful operation – from helping an end-user with the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to developing and applying a complex change to your production system. It allows you to focus on driving your business forward whilst we ensure the stability and continuous evolvement of your solution.

The AMF service provides answers to any customer query within hours and allows for reoccurring monitoring or administrative tasks to be outsourced. Should you sign-up for AMF, you will be supported by a dedicated team where everybody is specifically trained in your business and your solution.

Our AMF service can be integrated seamlessly in the customers’ existing IT architecture, enhance existing support and maintenance capabilities. AMF can be applied as a CAPEX and OPEX cost, supporting the continuous growth of your business at a compelling low price.

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