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You’re here for a reason. Your Customer Service business is not keeping up with its competitors. You’re losing customers. You’re battling staff resentment about outdated process and systems. You’re struggling to grow. All in all, you’ve downplayed the phenomenon of digital business transformation.

Leading Microsoft partner AlfaPeople has designed a 10-day Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Implementation program to get you up to speed and back on track with the reality of evolving global, cross-industry business trends.

Among its highlights, our program focuses on implementation, data import, configuration and connection to the Cloud. We’ll target weak points and expose flaws so you can inform your strategy and policies into the future. And if you like, we can even stick around as a partner on the rest of your digital transformation journey. Engage today with AlfaPeople, deliver to your customers, and get ready to grow!

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that provides businesses across industries with a complete set of digital tools for enhanced Customer Services processes, specifically self-service and assisted service tools. With industry-leading technologies, such as machine learning, IoT and analytics, it has the amplitude and level of detail that Customer Service businesses need to effectively deal with the growing challenges of customer service. Among its benefits, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation will allow you to:

  • Manage incidents according to priority or customer status
  • Automation of incident creation when a customer email is received
  • Identify opportunities and leads for sales
  • Centralize and effectively analyze customer data
  • Visualize service steps to make monitoring and operations simpler
  • Generate and collate powerful and meaningful customer feedback to improve engagement

How our Dynamics 365 Customer Service Implementation works?

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What our D365 Customer Service Implementation can do for you

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service: 10-Day Implementation - CEO

For business decision makers, the loss of a customer brings a variety of commercial problems: less profit, reputational damage, and the risk of a smaller market share. But the reasons behind customer dissatisfaction are often completely opaque, making it difficult for management to take effective action. AlfaPeople’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation helps your business sustainably improve customer satisfaction by automating customer service, integrating processes and centralizing data, for a clearer high-level understanding of your business.

Heads of Customer Service

Customer Service leaders work hard to ensure their representatives are solving cases quickly and avoiding escalations. But outdated, time-consuming processes relying on multiple data sources take teams nowhere — or worse, even backwards! AlfaPeople’s 10-day D365 Customer Service implementation injects automation in your processes, freeing up representatives so they can focus on high-value interactions and arming them with the right resources and data.

Customer Service Representatives

Top-quality Customer Service representatives excel at creating rich, diverse experiences for customers. But time-consuming, paper-driven processes and a lack of information frequently lead to escalations and general customer dissatisfaction. AlfaPeople’s Dynamics 365 Customer Service Implementation provides customer service agents with the tools they need to ensure quick and accurate resolutions — bolstered by automation and AI — for better, highly personalized service.

Key outcomes of the 10-Day Implementation

Icon: Stay relevant, aim to gain ground on competitors

Stay relevant, aim to gain ground on competitors

Many Customer Service providers are losing ground to competitors who deploy CRM technologies that bolsters their time and resource management, while delivering a more thorough understanding of their customers’ attitudes, needs and behaviors. Our Dynamics 365 Customer Service Implementation model is a fast, effective pathway to get your business back on track in an increasingly competitive digital environment.

Icon: See the big picture surrounding your business

See the big picture surrounding your business

With the Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation model, our experts delve deep into your business to determine weak points and failings you might fail to see behind the outdated, cumbersome systems you’re currently deploying. Dynamics 365 Customer Service can address these, and you’ll also enjoy rich sources of commercial and operation information to inform your strategy and policies going forward.

Icon: Build bonds with a leading Microsoft partner

Build bonds with a leading Microsoft partner

Digital process optimization, as part of the thundering migration of business to the Cloud, doesn’t end with implementation. When you bring us on at the Implementation stage, you’re taking the first steps toward a future relationship with a global Microsoft Dynamics 365 leader who you can turn to for your future digital business needs.

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Did you know?

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