CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management solution that enables organisations to drive sales, service and marketing efficiency by understanding customer behavior and enabling the process of providing an outstanding customer experience. Dynamics CRM is a powerful toolbox that combines data optimisation and intelligence access marking the process of engaging with customers extremely simple.

+ Customers worldwide
+ Users
+ Countries
+ Languages

As a result of this, Dynamics CRM empowers organisations to build long term relationships with the ability to access data from any device: phone, tablet or computer. As a Manager you can switch access from sales, service and marketing information, gaining insight into how your teams are performing. The menu can be configured in multiple ways, providing quick access to relevant information. You can quickly access accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns and much more.

Key benefits:

  • Intelligent access to data – CRM enables business intelligence from many angles which leads to rapid decision-making and effective operations by automatising processes. Organisations can predict customer interactions with campaigns, facilitating marketing and sales activity which improves communication channels with customers.
  • Collecting information from all channels – All information is stored in one central location. CRM compiles information from different channels including a website, emails, and social media, and makes it possible for organisations to create a unique dashboard with client information, marketing campaigns and sales performance to hand.
  • Three departments in one dashboard – CRM can integrate sales, marketing and customer support in one single dashboard. Organisations that strive to understand the customer lifecycle find CRM a perfect operational tool to build long-term customer relationships.

Dynamics Sales Module

The Dynamics Sales Module provide a structured process for your sales department to follow and a consistent process for streamline business processes. All your team can follow the practices you define: quality, develop, prove, negotiate and close.

CRM is a flexible platform that provides business logic to organisations to enable them to group clients, suppliers and partners, adding value into day-to-day sales operations by adding different views, fields, workflows, business processes and forms.

Benefits of the sales module:

  1. Allows your team to collaborate and work closely
  2. Customer Updates ensure you spend less time checking your clients status
  3. Management visibility to answer any questions on how your team is performing
  4. Follow up processes by simply logging into CRM and view how your sales teams are managing their customer database
  5. Apply business logic including assigning leads to your local sales teams
  6. Click and display to generate a full customer report
  7. Customized view to increase your overall visibility
  8. Filter only the information you need
  9. With a single data store you can collate all your customer data in one place

Dynamics Marketing Module

The Dynamics Marketing Module allows you to create campaigns and manage your marketing list. You can add any relevant criteria to filter the targets for marketing campaigns including from a particular city or interest, as well as those keen to hear about a specific product or service from your organisation. Marketing lists may also be used to keep track of event participation, newsletter performance, subscriber information and much more.
Leads and opportunities created can be attributed to campaigns and by adding cost of campaigns and activities, you can calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) for each campaign.

With the ClickDimentions add-on module you can increase the following marketing capabilities:

  1. Automate invitations and sign-ups for seminars and events
  2. Integrate with market-leading webinar solutions like WebEx and GoToMeeting
  3. Distribute marketing emails and track their performance
  4. Automate marketing activities using workflows, programs and a campaign builder

Dynamics Service Module

Dynamics Customer Service helps you to ensure that all the individuals working in your customer service department follow the same process so that when a case is created, your customer service can prioritise and take action.

  1. Manage cases differently by delegating, escalating or assigning cases. You can prioritise important customers
  2. Assign cases to a team or an individual
  3. Automatic case generation when an email is received from your customers (queue functionality). When the email is sent to a particular email address, Dynamics CRM will create a case automatically
  4. Create different email boxes for different requests. The support department will create cases but leads will be generated for sale
  5. Be efficient by using predefined knowledge base articles. You can also choose to share them with customers
  6. Keep all the records in one place so when someone new joins your organisation the individual communication history is always available
  7. Flexibility to modify cases to suit your specific requirements
  8. Add mandatory fields for the service team to complete
  9. Visual representation of the work item to slice the data
  10. Powerful and meaningful feedback from customers to increate engagement

Are you considering a CRM solution?

Microsoft Dynamics London Microsoft Dynamics London

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 from AlfaPeople?

  • We are one of the top 3 Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide
  • We have more than 200 employees working for Dynamics CRM
  • We are Microsoft Dynamics CRM certified Gold Partner
  • We have deep industry knowledge from hundreds of successful projects
  • You can run Dynamics CRM either in the cloud or on premise
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with a powerful set of CRM capabilities right within the familiar Microsoft Outlook application
  • Enhanced offline communications so everyone can be productive regardless of location
  • Integrates with your existing systems to help break down information silos

Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Extended CRM – Solutions for Dynamics CRM 2016

Organizations also need to manage other relationships that are integral to success—employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors, and many other critical stakeholders. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can easily be customized for these “Extended CRM” scenarios and enhance the value of all relationships, improve business relevance and fit, drive operational excellence and increase business insights.


Customer Care

Marketing automation & WebTracking



IT-Service Management



Project Management

Addons for Dynamics CRM 2016



TelephoneIntegration connects your phone system (TAPI, Skype, OCS, Lync) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The addon offers a “Click-to-Dial”-functionality for outgoing calls. Incoming calls will be recognized and details of the caller are displayed within the user interface, a pop-up window called balloon.



Email marketing embedded into Microsoft CRM and perfectly linked to leads, contacts, campaigns, marketing lists, visitor web tracking and more? Imagine what you can do with that. Surveys built into CRM – wow! Marketers familiar with Microsoft CRM will appreciate being able to easily connect forms on their website to CRM – without creating duplicates. Tying landing pages to campaigns is easy, and triggering workflow from form submissions, file downloads or a lead’s general web activity is simple and familiar. Having all data in CRM is a welcome change because everything is nicely tied together and available for an endless realm of possibilities.


CRM gamified

The tool incorporates a set of game mechanics including badges, leader boards, levels, real-time feedback, mobile client, social interactions plus many more. Managers can use this tool to automatically reward performance of the sales force, marketing and customer support teams (amongst others).

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